Seed Fair 2021

The first confirmations for the stall holders for 2021 are in!

Seeds Working Group Velt / Seeds for everyone
The Velt Seed Working Group is a network of gardeners who grow, propagate, clean, gather and save and exchange open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seeds themselves.
Under the motto “Seeds for Everyone”, self-harvested seeds are collected and exchanged via free exchange tables. In that way seeds are available to everyone and many projects can be supported. In exchange, you get different seeds yourself. Velt members learn to harvest their own seeds, become familiar with herbs and vegetables (also rediscovering and valueing heritage species!), and come into contact with other gardeners, varieties, species, experiences …

VELT (Association for Ecological Lifestyles and Gardening)
Saturday & Sunday

VELT is the association for anyone who wants to work in an environmentally friendly way in the garden or kitchen. For almost 45 years we have been promoting healthy living in rhythm of the seasons, with respect for nature. We count more than 17,000 members and 130 local groups in Flanders and the Netherlands. With our activities, publications and collaborations we want to contribute to the development of sustainable lifestyles.
Together with our thousand volunteers, we work actively every day to create an ecological living environment within the broad framework of sustainable development. To achieve this goal, we stand up for biodiversity, energy and resource-saving production and consumption by individuals, companies and governments.

Saturday & Sunday
ASEED is an activist organisation and that campaigns for agricultural biodiversity and against gene technology and patents on crops. ASEED campaigns also against free trade agreements like TTIP, proposing food sovereignty and agro-ecology as alternatives. ASEED is currently working on a campaign on climate change and agriculture, targeting industrial livestock farming and the massive consumption of meat and dairy products. ASEED was one of the organisers of Reclaim the Seeds from the very start.

Saturday & Sunday
Cityplot is a collective of urban food growers, educators and permaculture designers that encourages city dwellers to grow their own vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, fruit and berries and give them the tools to do so. We believe that it is possible to grow healthy organic food on all scales in and around the city: from private growing spaces to community gardens, from schools and restaurants to large-scale urban food growing projects. Cityplot also runs the Pluk! CSA self-harvest garden at the Fruittuin van West.

Tuin Joop
Saturday & Sunday
Joop Reichenfeld is a creative herb woman. The Tuinjoop T-huis and herb garden are on the edge of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, near to the Maasuiterwaarden nature area. Here she collects vegetable, herb and flower seeds from her garden and from the wild. She makes herbal tea, lip balsam, creams,  salves and soap from her harvest.

Smultuin (“Tasty garden”) publishes a digital magazine and eBooks for fans of tasty and healthy organic food from your own garden. At the stall they will have their own saved seeds and second-hand gardening books on offer.

Free exchange tables 
As not everyone can or wants to fill an entire stall, we will provide tables where you can freely exchange your seeds with others. Please provide the important information about your seeds on the package: what is is, when did you harvest, and how should you plant it). It’s not the idea to offer hybrid (F1) seeds at this table as they will not produce plants that you can save seeds from for the next generation. If you are bringing old seed please make that clear in order to avoid disappointing people.

If you plan to contribute to the free exchange tables please have a look at the general conditions for stall holders and participants.