About us

This year there is a small team of volunteers who are carrying the organizing of the Seed Fair.

Myrthe Warnaar-Coppes
Reclaim the Seeds Market

Myrthe has worked for the past few years at the Fruittuin van West, and her affinity for vegetables, herbs and flowers was awakened there. She love seeds, herbs (particularly medicinal ones) and flowers! She is self-taught and loves to challenge herself. She runs up a pick-your-own flower garden CSA in Haarlem called the Bloemen Plukweide.

Ann Doherty
Reclaim the Seeds Programme

Ann has a long history of growing food in the city. She particularly loves seeds, herbs, bees and worms. She studied at Warmonderhof and a Permaculture Design Course with Linder van de Heerik. She is responsible for the coordination of the Cityplot Amsterdam. This urban farming collective encourages people to grow their own food on balconies, rooftops, windowsills, and in schools, restaurants and community gardens. She is also a farmer at the Pluk! CSA at the Fruittuin van West.

www.cityplot.org, www.plukcsa.nl

Nakyta Grimm
Reclaim the Seeds Volunteer Coordination/Misc

Nakyta has worked on several project in the last few years within the theme of soil & agriculture. Her passion was sparked on a visit to India, where she spent a month at Navdanya, the education campus founded by Vandana Shiva. Since then, her passion for heirloom varieties of seeds and preserving the diversity of our food system has grown. Currently you will find her working around the Fruittuin van West, either in the cafe or on her tiny house, and more recently developing an exhibition around soil and agriculture which will make a debut at the Fruittuin summer 2019.

Wil Sturkenboom
Fruittuin van West