Market Stalls 2021

Have a look at the market stalls present at reclaim the seeds 2021, have a look at their websites.


Joop Reichenfeld is a creative herb woman. The Tuinjoop T-huis and herb garden are on the edge of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, near to the Maasuiterwaarden nature area. Here she collects vegetable, herb and flower seeds from her garden and from the wild. She makes herbal tea, lip balsam, creams,  salves and soap from her harvest.

De Godin


Gradinka means ‘small garden’ in Bulgarian and this is a playful reference to Hedwig’s other hobby: the beautiful Bulgarian way of singing. Here, in her organic-dynamic garden Hedwig grows and collects the seeds of over 300 herbs, vegetables and kitchen herbs, heirloom tomatoes, edible flowers and wild plants. She makes ointments, massage-oils and dyes, she uses edible wild plants to make liqueur and wild pesto. She has a lot of special and edible plants in her garden. She has saved seeds for future breeding all her life, and this has now developed into lively bartering. She enjoys preserving biodiversity and going against the large firms such as Bayer  and Monsanto. Gradinka is connected to the network ‘Eeuwig Moes’, which is committed to the preservation of old vegetable varieties.

De Zaderij

Laura Beijn

Paul Wiering

Velt Amsterdam

Tuinen van MergenMetz