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Joop Reichenfeld is a creative herb woman. The Tuinjoop T-huis and herb garden are on the edge of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, near to the Maasuiterwaarden nature area. Here she collects vegetable, herb and flower seeds from her garden and from the wild. She makes herbal tea, lip balsam, creams,  salves and soap from her harvest.


Gradinka means ‘small garden’ in Bulgarian and this is a playful reference to Hedwig’s other hobby: the beautiful Bulgarian way of singing. Here, in her organic-dynamic garden Hedwig grows and collects the seeds of over 300 herbs, vegetables and kitchen herbs, heirloom tomatoes, edible flowers and wild plants. She makes ointments, massage-oils and dyes, she uses edible wild plants to make liqueur and wild pesto. She has a lot of special and edible plants in her garden. She has saved seeds for future breeding all her life, and this has now developed into lively bartering. She enjoys preserving biodiversity and going against the large firms such as Bayer  and Monsanto. Gradinka is connected to the network ‘Eeuwig Moes’, which is committed to the preservation of old vegetable varieties. 

De Tuinen van Weldadigheid

These ‘Gardens of Benevolence’ in Veenhuizen grows what is perhaps the largest collection of edible crops in the Netherlands for the last decade. They are helped by a number of volunteers (with and without care budgets) they maintain and propagate – among other crops – 100 potato varieties, 80 garlic varieties and more than 100 bean varieties. The garden area measures 3 hectares and they organise regular tours and other activities. There is a plant sale in May. All seeds, seedlings and plants from the Tuinen van Weldadigheid are organically certified.
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De Zaaiagenda voor de Moestuin – Laura Beijn

The Seed Agenda for the Vegetable Garden is an indispensable reference work for both experienced and novice vegetable gardeners. The sowing data of more than 200 types of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers are arranged according to the calendar instead of by type. It is clear at a glance what you can sow, plant, cuttings or transplant when. All information is based on more than 25 years of vegetable garden experience of Diana Stek ( and displayed very compactly through the use of specially designed icons. The meeting between vegetable garden blogger Diana Stek and creative Jack-of-all-trades Laura Beijn led to a fruitful collaboration and a beautiful friendship. The Seed Agenda for the Vegetable Garden is a great result of this.
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De Zaderij / Buiten Bant

De Zaderij is a cooperative of farmers, horticulturists and care farms that select and propagate biological (dynamic) seeds themselves. We only have seed-resistant (reproducible) and patent-free varieties in our product range. Tineke Alberts van de Zaderij stands for breeding from the heart, where the economy is not leading. She is busy with a regional spinach variety that is resistant to downy mildew (also called wolf) and has adapted to the clay soil.

Tuinen van MergenMetz

The Tuinen van MergenMetz (anno 2004) is located in Doorwerth, between Arnhem and Wageningen, and is located on the edge of the unique nature reserve Wolfhezer Bossen en Heide. We promote the usefulness of plants for humans and of course their cultivation in a natural habitat and sustainable living environment. We publish about vegetables and ecological living. We grow, sell seeds and planting material, we organize guided tours, we have our own Sint Jan event and we give workshops. The gardens consist of an ecological vegetable garden, a herbalist garden and a food forest (second in the Netherlands) that we call the Edible Ornamental Garden with a corner with paint plants.

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Velt Amsterdam

Velt is the association for Ecological Living, Cooking and Gardening. More than 130 departments in the Netherlands and Belgium organize lectures, courses and activities about organic (vegetable) gardening, healthy food and of course about producing your own seeds. Through a joint annual order of organic seeds and seed potatoes, Velt aims to promote a wide range and promote organic seed cultivation and genetic variety in the gardens. With an information-rich website and beautiful publications, Velt further propagates the ecological ideology.